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Campsite in parc naturel de la Brenne

Campsite in the Brenne

de Brenne

Parc naturel de la Brenne

Nature park de la Brenne is an excellent are for bird watchers. In this area you will find thousands of small lakes that attract so many song- and water birds. The landscape is varied: meadows, forests and swamps alternate. Hawthorn hedges border meadows and roads, interspersed by old oak trees and bushes. The Brenne is situated approx. 200 km below the city of Orléans and can be reached from the Netherlands in one day.


Paradise for bird watchers and nature lovers

Bird watchers who want to observe special species during a couple of days, and as many as possible, must definitely visit De Brenne.


Varied landscape

Because the landscape in the Brenne is small-scale and very varied, you will see many different species. There is a good chance you will observe the hoopoe and the bee-eater. Both birds breed in the area. In a couple of swamps you will find heron colonies. Species such as croak, purple heron, grey heron, little egret and cattle egret breed here.

Maison du parc

Near Rosnay you will find the information centre of the Brenne, le maison du parc. Here you will find information about the best bird-watching spots and about the flora and fauna of the Brenne. It is also the starting point of a walk and you can climb the nearby castle tower which offers a magnificent view of the lakes.

Camping on a campsite in the Brenne region

Campsite Vallée de Lignac is a wonderful base to discover the Parc Naturel de la Brenne.

Camping Vallée de Lignac

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    Les Ages 14
    36370 Lignac