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Glamping in France

small villages, rolling countryside, forests, rivers, lakes and hedged meadows

Campsite in the middle of France

The French countryside with its forests, lakes, castles, nice little towns and villages, where times seems to have stood still, everyone will relax here!

Vast lands and forests, valleys with rivers, medieval castles and Châteaux, beautiful cities and nice villages. Central France offers a beautiful nature, a varying landscape and a rich culture. Camping Vallée de Lignac is located on the border of three departments. This makes it an attractive place, as these departments are very different, both in terms of nature, landscape and architectural styles. This area offers many possibilities and, at the same time, you can relax. After all, there are no obligations!

Going down the Creuse river with a canoe?

Canoeing on the Creuse

Enjoy sports in nature

Going down the Creuse river with a canoe? A wonderful idea for a hot summer day, splashing in the clear river water.

tree climbing

Tree climbing course

For the real daring

Are you sporty and do you like challenges? There is an activity centre in Lathus (nearby) for rafting, kayaking, archery, tree climbing and much more. Highly recommended if you have older children.

A ride with a pony or horse through nature

Pony rides

An experience for young and old

A ride with a pony or horse through nature. Over forest paths, along fields, through crooks, a fantastic experience! From the age of 3 you can ride a Shetland pony in the riding school. From the age of approx. 8 you can ride through nature on a pony. Really cool!

a few nice ideas for going out

A ride with a pony or horse through nature


Of course there are countless little villages, lots of lakes, lots of nature and the possibility to escape daily life for a while.

In the evening, while drinking a nice glass of wine in front of your tent, realizing you have already seen everything, you can count on a fantastic spectacle. What about the impressive starry sky you see here? The harmonious silence, that is only interrupted by a croaking frog, an owl, a cricket or the nightingale. The peace and space is fantastic. That alone is worth a visit to the campsite!